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Record Prints

Client: Riverfox is my own brand in which I carry out any work completed out of my full-time employment hours. It currently consists of work done for either my own personal gain, or at requests of friends/family. I aspire in future to possibly grow this brand and produce print work for a wider audience.

Design Thinking: The record prints are designed for music lovers. A way of remembering special memories, first gigs, favourite gigs or anniversaries. Each print is a personalised record with the lyrics of the chosen song by the artist wrapped around the middle to create the record itself. Each lyric line is broken by a circle before the next starts. The records contain the artist, song length and title. They can also be personalised with special dates.

The record print compromises of the internal record, made using shapes and strokes in Photoshop and a text spiral. The text spiral is made used using a block of text that follows the path of a spiral drawn in Illustrator. Each lyric line is broken by a tab and a small circle added in the middle. The text is faux bold and transformed to uppercase for consistency and visual representation of a real record.

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