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Mollie's Map

Client: Riverfox is my own brand in which I carry out any work completed out of my full-time employment hours. It currently consists of work done for either my own personal gain, or at requests of friends/family. I aspire in future to possibly grow this brand and produce print work for a wider audience.

Design Thinking: Mollie’s Map is a brand piece for a web project built to track walks. The logo represents and M for ‘Mollie’ but also is meant to look like the silhouette of mountains. When researched, mountains, in icon form, are always represented with two together, one is always smaller than the other. which is why there is perspective on the ‘M’, to make it look like a mountain formation with the sun catching the sides – representation of the exploratory walking side of the brand and giving the logo a dual meaning.

mollie's map logo zoom
mollie's map logo iterations
mollie's map Colour Palette