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    Bowler Electrical

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    Interaction Designer

Bowler Electrical

Client: Bowler Electrical are an electrical company. They were a new start up and needed branding doing. A logo, which will have multi use on website, business cards, invoices and t-shirts. And a website to promote their business.

Design Thinking: The client was very specific about the logo they wanted. They wanted a lightening bolt to signify the electrical power, but they wanted it to be stylised and standout. So I looked at doing a negative cut out in a block of colour, with an outline to signify the electricity.

Please Note: If you're interested in my coding skills, the code for this website can be found on my Github.

Bowler Electrical logo progress
Bowler Electrical logo zoom
Bowler Electrical Colour Palette
Business card
Business card back
Polo top branding
Icon designs
Website designs
final website in situ
final website in situ